A Battle of the Apps: Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom: The Winter Blog Photography Saviour. 

Following on from the success of my last ‘battle of the apps’ post, I come to you with my second all-time favourite blogging app. In fact, I would almost go as close to say it is joint first with UNUM – let’s face it the two go hand in hand together. With this combo – you can FLY! Literally. 

Earlier this week I posted on Twitter how I take and edit my Instagram photos in the Winter months. Sometimes, I often take my photos quite late into the evening when it is dark. The two photos above were taken on a very rainy and dark evening. I do use one soft box light [if you are serious about your blog photography you would not regret getting one of these. They literally save my life]. The second photo is edited using my own Lightroom preset.

The Second Contender: Lightroom

Most people are unaware that the Adobe Lightroom mobile app is completely FREE. Since I discovered how to use it properly and create my own presets, it has literally changed my life. I think most people know that it is an editing app, BUT let me tell you something YOU NEED TO USE IT. It really does beat any other editing app that I have ever used before. 


Up until relatively recently I wasn’t really sure what a preset was. Blogging really is a massive learning curve. A preset is a set of saved edits that you can save to apply to every photo you take. Before this I was spending hours editing each photo to ‘try’ and make it look the same as the last. This never worked, and since creating my own preset my Instagram feed has gone from strength to strength. It really does help you to create the ‘dream’ Insta theme. 

TOP TIP: If you search ‘presets’ on Pinterest you find pin after pin of preset suggestions. Whilst I haven’t used these before they give you the exact numbers of what parts of editing to change as well as an example of what the outcome will look like. I have created a Pinterest board with a lot of different preset ideas.


I am pretty sure there isn’t anything you can’t do with Lightroom. It is renowned for being one of the best Desktop editing programmes and in my [highly untrained and unprofessional] opinion the app is nothing much less of wonderful.

It might take a bit of getting used to as there are a lot of features; exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, white balance, tint, vibrance, saturation, clarity, dehaze grain [this is one of my favourites]. But once you have played around a bit you will be able to start creating photos that were once in your dreams. I am still learning, and one of my current editing wishes is to learn how to create a dreamy minty coloured sky. Anyone in know please hit me up? [pretty please]. 

My Favourite Part

Obviously, apart from presets, I love the organisational feature on the app. You can store the photos that you have edited into different folders. This is SUPER helpful, especially if you are like me and continually get the ‘iPhone is full’ message come up on an almost daily basis. 

I hope you enjoyed the next instalment of battle of the apps. As always, if you think you have an app that might top this on the photo editing list then please let me know. I know VSCO does something very similar, BUT is it as good as Lightroom? Let me know your thoughts. 



  1. August 23, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    I love that Lightroom has presets! It makes editing so much easier. I know this isn’t the focus of the post, but your DVD shelf is SO ORGANISED. The neat and orderly girl in me is a little bit obsessed. ?

  2. August 23, 2018 / 11:31 pm

    I’ve recrntky been looking in to more effort in the way I edit my photos sad light room is an suggested by so many bloggers! I saw your before and after on twitter and wow it was SO good! I would actually love if you made a post maybe telling us the basics of how to use light room! Great post! xx

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