A Capsule Wardrobe: An Introduction


The time has come. I have decided that I would like to start the process to making my very own capsule wardrobe. For the longest time [like basically ever since I had my own money] I have made rash clothing purchases. Without really thinking about a) what fits me, b) what suits me, and c) what goes with my other clothing items.

Starting my Capsule planning

When I posted about it on Twitter, there were lots of questions. Specifically, as to what a Capsule Wardrobe was. SO, I am going to try my very best to explain what they are. Essentially, it is looking through your current wardrobe, clearing out things you don’t wear/don’t like. Then identifying a bit of an order, within the clothes that you are left with.

I think the ‘magic number’ is 37 items. Made up of basic tees, a shirt, a few jumpers, jeans and trousers, some shoes, a bag and perhaps a coat. Once you have organised [oh I just love that word] then each season you can buy some staple pieces to add. I think, because you are carefully thinking about items you can therefore spend a little bit more on two or three things. In doing so, you pick out some main colours, so you can mix and match everything in your wardrobe. There are lots of different rules – I have put this all together in a Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board.

Where I am with capsule wardrobe planning…

My usual style with things is to rush in head first because I am really impatient. HOWEVER, this time around I want to really think about things before I make any decisions. For a long time, I haven’t really thought about fashion. Having just worn jeans, Ugg boots and a stripey tee [literally everyday]. So now, I am trawling through Pinterest and basically pinning everything I like. I think I have narrowed my colour options down to black, white and grey, with feature pale tones like pale pink and cream. I really want to be brave and try things I might not have worn and really find out what suits me. I am very very tall so I often struggle to find bottoms other than jeans that fit me.

What I am going to do next…

I think next I am going to start going through my drawers and cupboards. Because I have SO many clothes, most of which I don’t wear. Instead of throwing them all away I think I might just store it all in the loft. In case I ever want to change things up a bit [unless someone can persuade me to just be ruthless!] I will continue to look through Pinterest and start adding more and more to my ASOS wishlist. Autumn/Winter fashion is just my favourite so I am really excited for it to start getting colder so I can get all cosy in my bobble hat.

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? or Have you tried it?



  1. July 20, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Ah I’m so excited to read more about this! I’m desperate to have a Capsule Wardrobe, but my family are moving house next year and so I think it will be easier to wait until I’m moving and slightly more able to have a decent look through all my belongings! Can’t wait to read more about this ?

  2. July 25, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    I’ve always wanted a capsule wardrobe, but I’m so bad at throwing things away. I become far too attached to clothing items so putting clothes for different seasons in the loft is such a good idea!
    Aleeha xXx

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