A Capsule Wardrobe – AW18 with TU from Sainsburys

I really loved writing my last Capsule Wardrobe post and researching about what I can wear this Autumn/Winter has been really fun. I have been pinning outfits like a crazy person with all of the things that I really like the look of/would love to wear.

I popped into my local Sainsburys the other day and they had SO many beautiful and hugely affordable pieces. I bought lots of Winter pieces from them last year and the quality was just incredible. I have to say their jumpers are SO soft and they actually stay like that after lots of washes. 

1. Tan A-Line Corduroy Skirt – £16.00 – Size 8 – Size 22.

This item was pretty much love at first sight when I saw it. I instantly planned a whole outfit in my head [which will totally not look as good IRL as it does in my head]. My vision – some super thick cosy black tights, some black loafers or Doc Martin shoes [not boots] with a long sleeved striped tee tucked in. Just imagine in – Autumn in one outfit.

2. Sole Comfort Leather Chelsea Boots – £40.00 – Size 3 – Size 8.

Surely a capsule wardrobe staple? One thing high on my list this AW is a pair of black Chelsea boots. I have had my eye on the Doc Martin ones for a very long time, but the one thing that is holding me back is that a) they are a right bitch to break in [if you have had a pair before you will know exactly what I mean!]and b) they are really expensive. These however, look VERY similar to the Doc ones and leather but for £40 – WHAT A BARGAIN! 

3. Premium Grey Double Faced Cardigan – £32.00 – Size S – Size XL.

Another item very high on my capsule list is a long grey, chunky cardigan. I do already have one, but I bought it quite a few years ago now. It has gone a bit fluffy and it quite thin. SO I am really in the market for one this year. I love this one and the added white detailing around the pocket and the cuffs. I think this might go really nicely with the mustard skirt. 

4. Grey Knitlook ‘Love’ Slogan Gem T-Shirt – £14.00 – Size 8 – Size 24.

Can you see a bit of theme going on here? GREY, GREY and more GREY! I really love [pardon the pun] this t-shirt and I think it looks much more expensive than it actually is. I am not the biggest fan of slogan tees – only on me that is because I just can’t seem to pull them off. With the concept of the capsule wardrobe being matchy-matchy with as little items as possible I think this could not only look great with the skirt, but also teamed up with some black skinny jeans and the boots! 

5. Navy Stripe Crew Neck T-Shirt – £5.00 – Size 8 – Size 24.

I mean, if you know me at all, you will know that I am a sucker for stripes! It is rare that I go a day without wearing them. I really love this one. My usual go to is black and white stripes [let’s not talk about how many variations of that stripe I own] but I cannot find one anywhere on the Sainsburys website. HOWEVER, that being said I think navy is a good compromise as it pretty much looks black anyway. 

That’s it for this instalment of my Capsule series. What did you think? Hopefully this post will receive far less backlash [ha ha]! If you did like this post let me know and I will do another one with other shops. Have you started clothes shopping yet for winter? 


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  1. August 7, 2018 / 5:31 pm

    People are so quick to judge clothes from supermarkets for some reason and I’ve absolutely no idea why? They’re fab! Sainsburys, Tesco and ASDA clothes are some of my absolutely favourites, inexpensive, amazing quality and they look more expensive than they are, like you said! I may have to pop in for that striped top and cardigan now though! What are you doing to my bank balance Soph?

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