An Ode To Bloggers – By Scarlett Curtis

My career began via a blog. When I was 15 I was out of school, living in chronic pain and very lost. The activities I was able to partake in from my bedroom included watching Grey’s Anatomy, knitting, baking (if I managed to make it down to the kitchen) and browsing the internet. After finishing the entire box-set (this was 2010, we still had box-sets) of Greys Anatomy I decided to start a blog and my whole life changed. My first blog was called Teen Granny and contained my adventures into the worlds of knitting and crafting. I spent my bed-bound days obsessively knitting tiny animals and writing up patterns and recipes for the things I made. I honestly thought I was going to grow up to be a professional knitter but as time went on it became apparent that while I wasn’t very good at knitting, I did really enjoy writing. 

Over the past 8 years I’ve had the insane privilege to write for a number of magazines and newspapers but I honestly think that when I look back at my career in writing, it’s the blog posts that I’m most proud of. The beauty of blogging is that you are genuinely free; free to express whatever is on your mind and publish your work un-edited and raw. It was this precise freedom of expression that inspired my book Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & other lies and is the reason I’m so over the moon and excited about this amazing blog series.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink & other lies is a collection of essays written by 52 young women on what feminism means to them. The idea behind the book was never to be the ultimate guide on how to be a feminist. Some of the people who wrote in our book are amazing activists who have been fighting for women’s rights for decades, but a lot of them are also just young women who are at the beginning of their journey into feminism. 

The idea behind this book was the smash some of the lies we’ve been told about what it means to be a feminist. When we started putting the book together we were looking at lies like ‘feminists don’t wear pink’ or ‘feminists don’t wear makeup’ but as the process continued one BIG lie began to emerge that I feel stands at the centre of our feminist movement today. So many of the people we asked to be in the book responded by saying that they didn’t feel they knew enough about feminism to write something for a book with ‘feminist’ in the title.

So many women think they need a degree in order to qualify as a feminist or that their story isn’t worthy of being added to the collection of feminist writing that spreads across our globe. Imposter syndrome is REAL and I have spent so long feeling like I wasn’t ‘qualified’ to talk on feminist issues but putting this book together made me realise that this is all such a lie! 

The only qualification you need to be a feminist is to believe that men and women should be equal. That’s IT! There are 52 women in our book for a reason, we wanted people to read it and feel like their stories were as valid as all the other women in the book and that their stories were NEEDED to push our feminist movement forward.

Blogging taught me that my words had a place in this world, it might have been a small corner of the internet only seen by other ladies who liked knitting but it was mine and it was a place where my voice was valid. If you are a young feminist with a blog or an Instagram account, we NEED your story! We need you to keep talking about feminism and fighting for equality.

Written by Scarlett Curtis 

This is Scarlett’s kitten, he’s called Christmas and I just couldn’t not include him in this post. 

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  1. December 18, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    Scarlett Curtis was actually the person that inspired me to start blogging! I was a massive fan of Teen Granny when I was a teenager – I similarly loved baking, knitting and books, unlike most of my classmates.
    And even though I don’t know her, I’m so proud of who she has become. I know for a fact that her book “Feminists don’t wear pink and other lies” is wrapped up under the tree for me ( *thanks sis* ) I cannot wait to get my hands on it. So thank you Scarlett Curtis for being an inspiration throughout my teenage years and for continuing to be a role model in my adult years.

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