Blogging By Soph – Reborn. Creating A Conversation.

Well, hello again. It has been a while. I needed the break, and feel like I have discovered a whole new outlook for blogging [and life] in the time I have taken away from writing. I love writing, but I had lost the sparkle for it over the past coming months, I felt like everything I produced was forced and lacked every part of creativity. 

Finding My Niche

I don’t know why, but the word niche makes me cringe. But, it is a fundamental part of blogging. Before the break, [I sound like Dec on I’m A Celeb] I would have described my niche as mental health, come blogging tips, come a bit of lifestyle thrown in for good measure. Don’t get me wrong, all of those things will still be a big part of the blog, but I want to envisage them in a different way. 

So instead of defining my niche in terms of three categories, I have now created a mission statement, if you will. Something that if somebody asked me what I blogged about I can respond in a way that describes my blog in its entirety. Well, that’s the plan anyway. The statement: ‘Controversial Conversation Maker’. 

That’s it! That is my new found, ever hopeful, niche. 

Yeah, But What Are You Actually Going To Write About?

If I was to say everything I know the blogging geniuses will probably choke on their diet cokes [yes Vix, I am talking about you]. I know, writing about everything is probably the WORST idea I could come up with. But that’s not entirely what I mean. Let me explain. I want to talk about topics that create conversation, for example, in December I have posts lined up that include [working titles]:

  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders – Should We Care?
  • An Open Letter to the Five Feminists Who Changed My Life.
  • Are Natural Contraceptives Damaging the Benefit of the Pill?

Other topics that I will be talking about is Homelessness, Growing Up in Care and Why Feminism isn’t just about hating men – as I was kindly [ahem] told the other day.

But Why Do You Want To Talk About That?

As bloggers, sometimes we feel an element of self-entitlement about the things we feel strongly about [not everyone]. On a basic level, if one person says they don’t like something but someone else feels strongly in the other direction, within a matter of seconds a full-blown war can start – especially on Twitter. 

I understand that in life, on social media and in just about everything, you will never agree with everything and everyone – that’s just life, right? But what we CAN do, is discuss these issues in a friendly, dignified way without making things personal and vindictive. I know it can happen, in fact I saw it happen on Twitter just yesterday between Emma Gannon and Lucy Moon – they didn’t agree on a topic but discussed it coherently – surely it cannot be that hard?!

So basically, what I am trying to say is, I want to create THAT conversation. I want to write about topics that not everyone is going to agree on. BUT, I want to create a conversation where we can discuss the pros and cons of a certain topic but still be friends at the end of it. I am not here to put Twitter into disarray – hopefully the opposite of that. 

As well as my blog, I will be creating conversation on Instagram. 

What other topics do you think I should talk about? I would love to invite as many people as possible to contribute to varying issues, so if you want to get involved just let me know. I welcome any kind of feedback. 


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  1. December 1, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    The way you write is so beautiful! I love this re-launch so much and you’re upcoming posts sound incredible. You’re deffo back with a bang. Can’t wait to read more from you xo

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